Raven Syndrome

                 By Shinya Ishida (JP)

Opening on the 17th of April 2015 from 17 to 20.  The performance starts at 15 in front of Third Space and moves through the city and returns to Third Space at 17. 

For the last five weeks Ishida has spend his time collecting materials considered to be waste or garbage from containers, streets and backyards on his trips around Copenhagen. Combining the collected material with objects brought from Japan, he has created a total installation of sculptural and pictorial works, as well as a “Mobile Altarpiece,” which he will be physically pulling through the streets of the neighbourhood in the hours before the opening of the show. The mobile piece will finally be included in the exhibition installation.

About the creation of altar-like pieces Shinya states; ”I myself am non-religious, but is stricken by the energy that people gain through religion, and I wanted to make a place where that kind of energy could thrive.  From this desire I started making art that resembled altarpieces from waste materials, with the “invisible force” as a theme, hoping to create works of art that can belong in many different cultures and has the power to connect people”.

Ishida´s preferences regarding trash are highly selective; therefore collecting is a crucial part of his work process, in which discarded objects from different consumer cultures are merged together. His works bear witness to objects that are constantly discarded in favour of new goods. Whereas his works undoubtedly embody an environmental statement, they mostly display an appreciation of the aesthetic potential that lies within the objects and materials. Materials, which cost time rather than money to accumulate. The objects are transformed and combined in surprising ways creating references to Japanese religious symbols as well as popular culture resulting in an installation that seems at once both absurd and magical.

This exhibition is a continuation of his practice and performances previously conducted in Tokyo, Kyoto and Bangkok. This is Shinya Ishida’s first exhibition in Europe. Ishida stay  in Denmark is supported by DIVA (Danish International Visiting Artists Programme) and organized by Silas Inoue.

The exhibition is open from the 18th of April to the 23 rd of May 2015. Opening hours Thurs. and Fri. 12-17 and Sat. 12-16







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