Frydensberg Continuation School

Continuation school in Mariager with room for diversity, community, and Christian faith. Frydensberg Continuation School is located in North Jutland, Denmark. The nature with forest and fjord is a big part of the settings surrounding the cozy school and its 120 students.

The challenge

When Frydensberg Continuation School had a complete renovation of their buildings, we were given the task of supplying bunk beds and wardrobes with a safety box for 35 rooms. The Continuation School could not find the right solution on the existing market and therefore approached us. The wish was for a nice, strong piece of furniture that could withstand young people's use of the furniture - That could stay neat for many years. The bed should help to create the perception of multiple zones in the room.

The design should be cool and with natural materials that drew nature inside.

35 private rooms
Custom made bunk beds
Wardrobes with built-in safe

We have been very pleased with the collaboration with We were presented with a nice presentation. Although we have had many requests for small changes, has shown great patience and we have not felt pressured to compromise on our desires. That's why we've got a solution that suits us perfectly - and at a good price. We experienced taking great pride in keeping what they promise. There were challenges with the delivery from the factory. Peter Gissemann quickly called us, and he did everything to solve the problem and the challenges it gave us. We have been really happy with how open and honest a dialogue we have had with them throughout the process.
Gorm H Juul & Gideon Jakobsen
Renovation manager & Principal, Frydensberg Continuation School

Our approach

We create safe and comfortable spaces outside home and away from work. Spaces that build on strong identity and powerful character. Where form and function provide users with the ideal space and surroundings to enjoy life.

Nothing is more important to us than to create an authentic space that generates atmosphere, joyful living and a true sense of belonging.

The process

The solution

The solution was two custom-made products. Through a great dialogue, the design has been adapted several times, to give the school exactly the furniture that lived up to their vision.

The bunk bed is incredibly solid and stable - and can withstand being used by young people who hang out in the room. The design gives a cave atmosphere and privacy when sitting in bed. However, the holes let in some light / daylight, so you are not completely cut off from the room.

The wardrobe is made of the same plywood as the bunk bed. The school had a great desire for the light wood that should be consistent in the designs. The wood lights up and gives color to the room - and is at the same time a nice contrast to the black metal. The wardrobe has built-in lock fittings on both cabinet doors and the built-in safety box. It allows students to put their own lock on if they wish.

Frydensberg has been good at identifying the students' needs in the rooms. From there we have been able to develop products to where the students can put their own personal touch and homely atmosphere in the rooms.

We have tried to create a design that the young people also think was cool - and we are happy that the school, students and parents have commented on how well the rooms work now and how nice it has become.

The students have been very grateful and excited - and the school can clearly feel an increased well-being.


If you have any questions about the project please contact:

Peter Møller Gissemann
Sales Manager, Denmark
+45 5218 3583