Institut Thomey, Silkeborg

Institut Thomey is a physiotherapy and training concept with a holistic approach. The concept offers unique exercise and treatment methods to help its members minimise pain and optimise the benefits of their training.

The interior design of Institut Thomey is part of the overall project at Kejlstrupvej 87, Silkeborg with Match Padel and Selected Car Group.

The challenge

They wanted a coherent design between the different companies at Kejlstrupvej 87 that attracts the same quality-conscious customer group.

The different training and treatment offers had to visually appear as a unified concept and the centre had to be attractive and exciting to move around in.

Lounge areas
Treatment rooms

Our approach

We create safe and comfortable spaces outside home and away from work. Spaces that build on strong identity and powerful character. Where form and function provide users with the ideal space and surroundings to enjoy life.

Nothing is more important to us than to create an authentic space that generates atmosphere, joyful living and a true sense of belonging.

The process

The solution

Many of the same materials as at Selceted Car Group were chosen to carry the style throughout the building. The exclusive moss wall, solid oak furniture and cognac-coloured leather welcome members in the entrance/lounge area.


Customised storage - functional and decorative wardrobe furniture

In the hallway, we have designed and produced a long row of lockers for members to store their belongings during training. The built-in benches provide a place to sit and change shoes or chat with other members before and after training. The locker wall appears as a large, functional and decorative piece of furniture.

In this project, we also supplied curtains for the different training rooms. A nice and exclusive way to create privacy. The curtains also help improve acoustics and are easy to clean when needed.


Architect (interior design): Lisbeth Schonert, Interior designer


If you have any questions about the project please contact:

Lisbeth Schonert
Interior Designer and DGNB RUM Consultant
+45 8140 5505