Restaurant & bar

Restaurant Tiende and Den Fede Drue wine bar

With the best view, guests can enjoy fantastic food at Restaurant Tiende. Then they can go upstairs to the wine bar Den Fede Drue with views of Aarhus city, Aarhus Ø, forest and sea.

The challenge

The venue was completely raw and empty when the restaurant's concept and interior design had to be developed. had to create the interior design concept in collaboration with the owners and the restaurant director. The design had to be inspired by the view of the surrounding nature with beach, forest and sea. The interior design should be light, flexible and support the good experience.

Wine bar
Entrance and terraces has created a flexible and cosy design for restaurant Tiende and wine bar Den Fede Drue in Aarhus Ø. The interior design emphasises the good experience with custom-made acoustic ceilings, cabinets and wardrobe, and furniture from Ilva and Bolia, creating an intimate atmosphere that invites guests to stay longer. The collaboration with interior designer Lisbeth has been fantastic, she really understood our needs for restaurant interior design.
Ebbe Langhoff Gøgsig
CEO, Restaurant Tiende & Den Fede Drue

Our approach

We create safe and comfortable spaces outside home and away from work. Spaces that build on strong identity and powerful character. Where form and function provide users with the ideal space and surroundings to enjoy life.

Nothing is more important to us than to create an authentic space that generates atmosphere, joyful living and a true sense of belonging.

The process

The solution

The design is based on creating a space where people want to stay and hang out in the restaurant, wine bar and on the associated terraces. The space is built flexibly and with a cosy interior, regardless of whether it is set up for regular ala carte for smaller parties or individuals - or for a larger corporate event.


Design concept based on the good experience

The interior design supports the experience with the breathtaking views and fantastic food and wine. Furniture, room dividers and lighting are designed/chosen so that there is transparency throughout the rooms to maximise the natural light and views.

The intimate atmosphere and cosiness is the framework for the guests' experience of the interior design. The different furniture and arrangements create a more homely atmosphere than if the same interior had been duplicated many times. The different Bolia chairs provide guests with a comfortable seating experience while the high-quality craftsmanship can withstand commercial use.

Bolia's Nordic design is a perfect match with the aesthetic expression chosen for Tiende.


Customised furniture/fixtures and acoustics

To achieve the unique interior design solution, we had many customised pieces of furniture made, including the ceiling, sofa, waiter station, bar cabinet/wine fridge and bar counter.

The waiter station and bar cabinet/wine fridge are produced in stunning materials and a unique design. The back plate, antique brass, and oak wood, together with the soft, rounded shapes, create a sculptural expression in the room. And, of course, with all the functions and equipment required in a modern restaurant.

In the centre of the restaurant is the custom-made bench that continues up the wall - and turns into shelving - and further up to an impressive, slatted ceiling. The slats are cut to float like waves in the colour of driftwood. The ceiling softens the interior and provides a good acoustic effect. In addition, sound-absorbing Troldtekt panels are installed behind the slats to give guests a good sound experience, even when there are many guests in the restaurant.

As the building is made of concrete with large glass sections, there are many hard surfaces that need to be taken into account in terms of sound.


Entrance and terraces

In the entrance area, we installed a large and impressive cork wall with Tiende and Den Fede Drue's logo. Together with plants and a dried bouquet, the space with concrete, glass and cork creates some great contrasts that tease the upcoming experience on the 10th and 11th floors.

As a natural extension of the interior design, we have furnished the roof terraces. Along with the breathtaking views, the comfortable garden furniture and atmospheric planting lure guests outside. The design of the terraces allows you to start outdoors with a welcome drink before dining or for a meal outside in good weather. For the restaurant, this means that you can serve more people and create a setting for more atmospheres and types of events.


Den Fede Drue - The intimate space

If you go upstairs from restaurant Tiende, you enter the atmospheric wine and cocktail bar, Den Fede Drue. With a selection of over 3,200 different wines, the interior design - with its darker design concept - provides space to immerse yourself in signature cocktails and the sommelier's personal recommendations. The darker décor and zone divisions with different types of furniture create a more intimate space where guests can relax and enjoy good company.

There has been a strong focus on the aesthetic experience that customers should feel comfortable in. The furniture in Den Fede Drue is a mix of customised furniture, sofas, lounge furniture and high tables. In general, the textiles are coarse and in deeper tones - combined with antique brass, glass, black leather, and marble.

The One A lamps hang iconically above the bar with their minimalist look and exclusive materials. The lighting in the wine bar is generally more dramatic and helps to create more ambience in the venue. Curtains, carpets, and furniture in soft, organic shapes soften the space and create a sensory experience.

In addition, the owners have added an extra touch with a selection of art that adds personality and charm to the space.

The distinct brand identity and decor help to attract guests to Den Fede Drue - and has its own identity but is also a great complement to Restaurant Tiende.


One-stop shopping

To ensure an easy process for our customers, we offer One-Stop-Shopping, which means that we take care of as much as possible for our customers. They don't have to coordinate with a lot of stakeholders but can entrust a lot to us. At Tiende and Den Fede Drue, in addition to furnishing with standard items and custom-made fixtures and fittings, we were responsible for signage, decoration, curtains, painting, flooring and the layout of corridors, the conference apartment, toilets and lift.


Architect (interior design):, Lisbeth Schonert, Interior designer


If you have any questions about the project please contact

André Tang Jørgensen
Sales Director
+45 4195 3291