HimmerLand is a renowned resort especially known for its large international golf tournaments in beautiful natural surroundings. At HimmerLand, service and quality are absolutely top class - The atmosphere is fantastic, and people are down to earth. Which certainly is a part of why visitors return time and time again.

The challenge

In connection with a big expansion of the resort, has been asked to create a coherent interior design solution for the common areas. HimmerLand has a broad target group, so the design should be very flexible and suitable for everyone; from couples / families to large conferences / events - as well as day guests and longer stays. The design should of course have a common thread throughout the interior design solutions and bring in the area's wonderful nature.

Reception, lounge,
restaurant, arcade,
meeting rooms and offices creates really cool and creative solutions that benefit our guests and HimmerLand to that extent.
Mette Ravn
CEO, HimmerLand

Our approach

We create safe and comfortable spaces outside home and away from work. Spaces that build on strong identity and powerful character. Where form and function provide users with the ideal space and surroundings to enjoy life.

Nothing is more important to us than to create an authentic space that generates atmosphere, joyful living and a true sense of belonging.

The process

The solution

We have created flexible settings where there is still plenty of good atmosphere, but room for more visitors. Thus, HimmerLand could create spaces with the possibility of smaller, intimate areas and room for larger gatherings. With the expansion of the resort, it is important that the interior speaks to different visitors and varies in mood depending on how relaxed, official or solemn the occasion is.

The design respects the historic buildings and brings nature in with exclusive materials, beautiful plants, and a consistent color palette in warm natural colors.

The restaurant HimmerRiget has become an elegant, quiet setting for a unique dining experience in a class of its own, where the decor and materials have been selected to support the experience of quality. The decor reflects the staff's great commitment to setting the framework for the place with personality and soul, where they strive to pamper and surprise their guests.

Many pieces of furniture are custom-made by our trusted partners. For the project in HimmerLand, it has required special solutions e.g., to create optimal storage for their wine and wine glasses, which means a lot to them.

The reception has been divided into individual counters and made more welcoming with specially designed reception desks.

In addition, there are i.a. selected products from Lars Larsen Group companies such as Bolia and ILVA, where the focus has been on both design but also durability. With our many years of experience, we have selected products and materials according to which the products must be able to withstand the daily use in hospitality.

Of course, our service team have also made a great virtue of our solution being built and implemented in accordance with the high demands that HimmerLand places on themself and the wishes of their partners.



If you have any questions about the project please contact:

Lisbeth Schonert
Interior Designer
+45 8140 5505