Lars Larsen Group, Head Office

As a natural part of Lars Larsen Group's development, the company has moved its head office to new, larger premises in Silkeborg. The office provides the framework for further development, and has created a modern office environment with room for a growing company.

The challenge

The interior design had to support the office environment with practical functions - but also offer atmosphere and flexibility. The atmosphere had to be homely, calm, light and stylish.

Offices, meeting rooms,
canteen, lounge areas,
foyer and reception has created a unique office environment that strongly reflects our values and core business. With their sense of aesthetics and functionality, they have united the professional space with a calm and homely atmosphere. They have demonstrated how colors, materials and carefully selected furniture can make a work environment both inviting and personal.
Jesper Lund
President and CEO of Lars Larsen Group

Our approach

We create safe and comfortable spaces outside home and away from work. Spaces that build on strong identity and powerful character. Where form and function provide users with the ideal space and surroundings to enjoy life.

Nothing is more important to us than to create an authentic space that generates atmosphere, joyful living and a true sense of belonging.

The process

The solution

The interior design is based on a tailored visual design concept with carefully selected colours and materials to create the right atmosphere - and with an activity-based design to ensure that the workplace supports employees, teams and tasks.

Several elements that are common to other interior design projects at Lars Larsen Group have been used, but at the same time, we have ensured that each project has its own individual identity. The head office stands out as the design concept with the brightest interior design - with many warm, nordic tones in materials and colours.

The elements create a common thread from the other projects has done for Lars Larsen Group, such as Restaurant Tiende and Den Fede Drue on Aarhus Ø and Selected Car Group, Silkeborg.

Cosy atmosphere in a professional office

We have included several elements that you would recognise from a domestic environment to create a relaxed atmosphere when employees are in the office. For example, different designs of lounge chairs have been chosen instead of the same chair for the entire interior, creating unique, smaller zones that we recognise from our homes.

Instead of just using the integrated ceiling lighting, beautiful pendant lights and floor lamps have also been added. In further addition, many green plants and decorational items gives the interior a higher level of detail and a sense of a complete space.


The possibilities of the flexible working environment

In the modern office environment, we focus on a holistic approach with functionality and atmosphere. Different teams work better with different arrangements of their workstations than others. Similarly, storage needs may differ and the traffic around different employees/functions must also be taken into account.

With a selection of mobile walls, modular storage systems and plants, spaces can be continuously customised.

Different zones make it possible to switch between break and activity areas. In addition, it allows employees to vary their working postures, which provides a better ergonomic starting point for their working day.

In the surrounding relaxation zones, employees can have phone calls, take a break or organise more informal meetings. Meeting rooms of varying sizes and layouts provide a different dynamic and opportunity for teams to collaborate or coordinate activities.

When the office environment is ideal, you create better conditions for employee wellbeing and efficiency.

The canteen is also organised into different zones with regular canteen tables, a lounge area and high tables. This makes it possible to eat together in varying groups and strengthen social interaction across departments. Together with the mobile room dividers, the furniture can also be moved around as needed for larger events.


Good interior design with acoustics and beautiful materials

Acoustics have been a high priority in the work to ensure a comfortable working environment at the new head office. Many soft furnishings, acoustic panels, carpets and felt desk screens have been chosen to absorb sound and create more silence in and between rooms.

In the interior design, the focus has been on high-quality materials and the tactile experience. A light colour palette with bright acoustic panels, furniture in rich fabrics and oak, and heavy carpets all contribute to a sensory experience of softness and comfort. Similarly, plants bring the rooms to life.


The bronze sculpture, The Grocer, welcomes employees and guests in the foyer

When entering the foyer, the first thing that greets you is the second full-size bronze sculpture by Lars Larsen (the first one is located at JYSK's head office in Brabrand). The sculpture in beautiful golden tones, together with the impressive panelled ceiling and wall cladding, immediately gives an impression of the atmosphere that characterises the office.


Customized furniture and products from Lars Larsen Group companies

To create a unique expression, several custom-designed elements have been manufactured. The acoustic panels, which continue up into ceiling panels and built-in shelves, are custom-made to fit the spaces.

As a natural part of the project, many pieces of furniture from Lars Larsen Group-owned companies such as Bolia, ILVA, One A and Sofacompany were chosen. These are aesthetically and qualitatively well suited for business use. At the same time, it reflects the core business of Lars Larsen Group and creates coherence across the group.


Architect (interior design):, Lisbeth Schonert, Interior designer


If you have any questions about the project please contact:

Lisbeth Schonert
Interior Designer and DGNB RUM Consultant
+45 8140 5505