Student accommodations


New dormitory with an attractive location in Ballerup, Denmark. The 262 studio apartments house students from the University of Copenhagen, DTU, CPH Business ect. The Telegraph College focuses on attractive common areas that are suitable for activities and social gatherings between the residents.

The challenge was asked by Inventarland if we could help them produce some custom-made furniture for the common areas on Telegrafkollegiet's 5 floors. The task consisted of different types of furniture and screening for "hang out spots", study environments and communal laundry.

For a project of this nature with many residents, it was also very important, that there was a strong focus on fire safety.

Custom furniture; tables, sofas, benches and partitions.
Fire safety requirements

Our approach

We create safe and comfortable spaces outside home and away from work. Spaces that build on strong identity and powerful character. Where form and function provide users with the ideal space and surroundings to enjoy life.

Nothing is more important to us than to create an authentic space that generates atmosphere, joyful living and a true sense of belonging.

The process

The solution

We received drawings from Inventarland and their external architects from Over Byen and, in collaboration with them, were able to produce the series of custom-made furniture for their project.


Plywood was to be used throughout the design with its modern and bright look. The cushions were upholstered with gray, recycled wool. The wool consists of 70% recycled wool fibers - leftover materials from garment manufacturing or ether wool products that have been recycled. This reduces CO2 emissions due to lower water consumption among other things.

To withstand use of many people, the fabric has a high abrasion resistance of as much as 150,000 martinedale.

As a detail, several of the furniture have integrated power sockets, to meet the students' need for power for telephones and computers, when they use the common areas. This makes it easier for them to gather for studies and relaxation in their free time in the areas outside the apartments.

The room dividers are also made of plywood and give a nice division of the rooms.


For us, it has been very important to deliver solid products with a nice finish - which of course lives up to the requirements specifications that were for fire safety. Therefore, the plywood is lacquered with fireproof lacquer and the foam in the cushions made with fire retardant.


We are pleased that we have once again had a good collaboration with Inventarland. Our in-house architect has once again been a fantastic link between the customer, their partner, and the production.


If you have any questions about the project please contact:

Peter Møller Gissemann
Sales Manager, Denmark
+45 5218 3583